Meridian Yoga

The course is focused on:

Stretching of meridians of Chinese and Japanese medicine. Through specific yoga postures and conscious breathing, we work on balancing the energy of each meridian.



Becoming aware of our energetic status and the acquisition of instruments to balance it.


Duration of each class

1 and a half hours


Methods, costs and appointments

The course is built uniquely for each person. To receive information, please contact me.

Meridian yoga


Meridians, or energy lines, come from Chinese and Japanese medicine. They are called keiraku in Japan and mai in Chinese. For both cultures, meridians contain the energy that animates the body and manages the functions: physiological, emotional and mental. When channels are obstructed or in lack of energy, there is an imbalance that can generate many kinds of problems. It is possible to restore the balance by external action (by a therapist) or internal action (doing proper exercises). Meridian yoga is based on elongation, stretching, meridian stimulation through

proper positions. We become "self-therapists" increasing the awareness

of our body and our energy.

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