Alessandra Pistillo

Meeting Tommaso was the starting point of a new path to become more aware of myself. His treatments are helpful for health because they restore a balance on a physical, emotional and energetic level and help to understand where work is necessary to keep improving. Tommaso, very sensitive and professional, is a massage therapist I trust.

Ilaria Sodi:


I was three months pregnant with a terrible lumbar sciatica which meant that I could not even go upstairs anymore. My gynaecologist suggested to me to go to a chiropractor but after 3  sessions, of 5 minutes each, my wallet was lighter and my back pain was worse. At that point I tried a treatment with Tommaso: this was a unique experience rich with energetic sensations for the body and the spirit. I received 10 treatments of 1 hour each. After two sessions my sciatica had completely disappeared, no more pain; I had no back pain even with the growing of my belly. During treatments I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. My pregnancy was wonderful and calm and I could easily manage the changing of my body in shape and weight. My little child in my belly also relaxed with me. Thanks to the professionalism and energy of Tommaso, using his hands in a peaceful environment, I had a great experience which involved all senses. Thank you Tommaso.

Alice Corvo

I love massages and after trying many types and massage therapists, I met Tommaso.

“I'm a massage therapist. Why don't you come and try once?”

He seems thin and weak, but inspires confidence. I booked an appointment and went to his studio. A cosy and warm place, soft lights, sounds of water that flows in the background.

“What kind of massage do you want?” he asked me.

I chose shiatsu. He made me lie on the futon, surrounded by soft pillows. He started to feel what my body told him and he asked me some strange questions, but I decided to be agreeble and I answered him. At the end of treatment, curious to understand the relationship between his hands and my body, he told me all that meridians have shown him. I discovered a new world, tensions that for months (I say for years) tormented me started to make sense to me. A deep relaxation and wellbeing came over my body. I decided to continue this path, so interesting and complete, nobody would deprive me of that moment of relaxation and energetical balance that became an every week appointment! Amazed, I suggested to everyone I know to try Tommaso, and they appreciate the professionalism and competence of him.

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